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Based in rural Shropshire, I make functional pottery with a modern twist, from my studio in a converted milking parlour.


Hand-crafted pottery has a wonderful ability to elevate everyday rituals, like making and drinking a cup of coffee, into something much more special; into a moment to pause, to notice the beauty in the everyday. This feeling is at the heart of my work.

Sometimes we forget the simple pleasure of using things created lovingly by hand. Taking such a basic material as clay and using it to create something beautiful is simultaneously grounding and inspiring. I try to convey this feeling in every piece that I make.


I believe beautiful handmade pottery shouldn't sit on the shelf - the joy is making it part of everyday life. I use a high-fired stoneware clay, and my glazes are food-safe and dishwasher-safe, so that each and every piece is ready to be used and enjoyed.


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